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Aug 21 2009

Wild Animals? Hardly.

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Deer at table with adopted mother

Janet Schwartz of Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, is about to have her pet doe seized by misguided local wildlife authorities. This is a very sad tale indeed.  Ms. Schwartz rescued it as a fawn after it was orphaned five years. The black-tailed (mule) deer is entirely domesticated: it sleeps on a bed and eats at the table; it dances to music and gives kisses. Ms. Schwartz considers it the child she never had Continue Reading »

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Aug 14 2009

Wild animals are smart. They know where to turn to for help.

Young, injured osprey on Gabriola Island ferry

This week, the crew of our local ferry found an injured and weakened juvenile osprey waiting patiently outside the entrance to the crew stairwell, as an eagle circled hungrily overhead. Clever move on the part of the osprey. The crew went into action, protecting it with a blanket and calling a wildlife rescue organization, which quickly flew it by seaplane to a wildlife recovery centre in Richmond, across the Strait of Georgia. Hopefully, the osprey will recover and be released in about two weeks.

Source: The Flying Shingle: The Voice of Gabriola since 1972

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