May 26 2008

Head & Shoulders to the Rescue

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Itchy scalp? Dandruff? If you’re Canadian, you inevitably turn to Head & Shoulders shampoo, touted in its ads as the cure for both, and for soft, shiny hair.

LuciFur's back

That’s why LuciFur, our coal black female cat, is now a satisfied Head & Shoulders customer. She smells great, her coat has never been shinier and the four-inch strip licked bald from tailbone up her back is finally growing in, with no sign of the usual scabs. The results from Head & Shoulders shampoo are far superior to the regular tarry smelling animal shampoo we used to use. At the first sign of dandruff and scratching, LuciFur will head back to the shower with my husband for another Head & Shoulders dry scalp care treatment.

Morri with Windblown HairI don’t have dandruff but my scalp gets itchy, so I finally tried the huge bottle of Head & Shoulders we’d originally bought just for our three cats (my husband is bald). I’m now a convert to Head & Shoulders: the shampoo of choice for our whole family!


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