Mar 25 2013

And Then There Were Five…Cisterns, That Is

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Roof-water cisterns, an effective water-management solution

Roof-water cisterns, an effective water-management solution

Since we moved to Gabriola Island seven years ago, I’ve come to understand that we really have only two seasons: the wet and the dry, of almost equal duration. Consequently, our island experiences a severe water shortage every summer when we inevitably experience a prolonged drought. We are a “rural” island so there is no municipal water. The solution is water conservation and management. We now have three ┬ácisterns to collect and store water from our well over the rainy season, and two cisterns to collect and store roof water for gardening. So far, by being very, very careful how we use water during the dry season, we’ve managed not to run out of water for our needs.

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