Apr 23 2013

Today’s Unwelcome Visitor: Wild Turkey!

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Wild Turkey on Gabriola Island

Wild turkey in the garden. First it was peacocks, now this!

There is a certain irony to today’s unwelcome visitor. After only a week since ridding our property of a ¬†flock of pesky feral peacocks, we’ve been invaded again. Wild turkeys wreak just as much havoc as peacocks, but without the aesthetics. It’s like we’ve gone down market, to Walmart instead of ¬†Barneys.

There are several flocks of wild turkey roaming our island. Like peacocks, they are the bane of gardeners. They often stop traffic as they meander across the road. I’ve always enjoyed encountering them on my outings, secure in the knowledge that our neighborhood has never been plagued by them. Until now!

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